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Ascona III

Advances in Clinical Measurement of Gastrointestinal Motility and Function

14 - 19 May 2023
Congressi Stefano Franscini
Swiss Institute for Technology Conference Centre
Monte Verità, Ascona, Switzerland
In-person conference sold out

Chair: Mark Fox

Working Group Steering Committees

Swallow: John Pandolfino, Rena Yadlapati, Nathalie Rommel, Taher Omari

Reflux: Sabine Roman, Prakash Gyawali, Edoardo Savarino

Gastrointestinal: Heinz Hammer, Daniel Pohl, Richard McCallum Jutta Keller

Continence: Henriette Heinrich, Charlie Knowles, Mark Scott, Emma Carrington, Adil Bharucha, Satish Rao

Supported by:

  • Clinic for Gastroenterology and Hepatology, University Hospital Zurich (Chief: Gerhard Rogler)

  • University of Zurich, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich & Swiss National Science Fund

  • Digestive Function: Basel, Center for Integrative Gastroenterology, Klinik Arlesheim, Switzerland

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On behalf of the International Working Group for Disorders of GI Motility and Function I am pleased to welcome you to the Ascona III Meeting, 2023.


Recent years have seen dramatic developments in the technology available for clinical investigation of swallowing, gastro-esophageal reflux, digestive and continence function.

In 2011 the HRM Working Group gathered in Ascona to introduce the Chicago Classification of Esophageal Motility Disorders for High-Resolution Manometry.


In 2015 the group met again to review advances in esophageal measurement. At the same meeting the remit of the group expanded to include the diagnosis of gastro-oesophageal reflux disease and the management of anorectal disorders. Since this time, important progress has been made to establish operating procedures and classification systems for the full range of disorders of gastrointestinal motility and function. These have been published in a series of guidelines and state-of-the-art reviews.


Now, at long last, following the Covid-SARS2 pandemic, in 2023 a world class faculty will return to Switzerland to establish the state-of-the-art in clinical measurement of digestive function from “top to tail”.

Highlights will include:

  • introduction of the first consensus classification for disorders of pharyngeal function

  • initial experience with the Chicago Classification for Oesophageal Motility Disorders version 4.0 plus review of endo-FLIP and other advances

  • start of the Lyon Classification of Reflux Disease version 2.0 process with expansion to include laryngo-pharyngeal reflux

  • state-of-the-art lectures focused on assessment of gastric emptying and digestive function, including EGG, intestinal motility, and 13C-breath tests

  • debate between proponents of the European and American guidelines for hydrogen breath tests.

  • initial experience with the London Classification for disorders of anorectal function, plus review of new technologies for diagnosis and treatment of these troublesome conditions.


As before, the focus will be on clinical practice, highlighting how the information provided by advanced measurement equipment can provide an explanation for patient symptoms, establish conclusive diagnosis, and guide effective management.


Welcome to Ascona!

Mark Fox

On behalf of the International Working Group for Disorders of GI Motility and Function

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CME Credits

Ascona III will be accredited by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME) to provide CME activity for medical specialists

Pending approval, certificates will be available after Ascona III.  

Virtual conference
Ascona III Virtual Conference
Ascona III Virtual Conference
Free of charge
15 May 2023, 8:30 am GMT+2 – 19 May 2023, 1:00 pm GMT+2
Virtual event (Zoom)
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