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Catering Update

Coffee breaks have been extended to 45 minutes to allow everyone to serve themselves. We ask for understanding if there is some waiting time.

Eating together is an important part of the Ascona experience. The mealtimes listed in the program must be strictly adhered to for logistical reasons. Lunch is a hot buffet. Dinner service cannot begin until all guests are seated!

You have paid for full catering in advance. Nevertheless, you are, of course, free to eat out any time you like. If possible, the hotel would be grateful to know this in advance! If you plan in advance (at least 2 weeks ahead) to eat out then and you let us know then vouchers may be available.

Note that the menu is vegetarian except on Tuesday (conference dinner) and Wednesday (special event). On these occasions a vegetarian offer is available. If you did not note your dietary preferences (e.g., vegan, kosher) in your registration, then please let us know ASAP.

A basic supply of beverages is included in the meal package purchased. Alcoholic beverages can be purchased additionally.

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