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In-Person Event Fully Booked

We have been thrilled by the popularity of the Ascona III meeting. We have accommodated as many delegates as possible; however, at certain times this will stretch the capacity of the congress center (including the kitchen, max 140 people). We have taken measures to address this. Nevertheless, we ask for your understanding in advance, should this result in any inconveniences.

For all those who will attend from Monday 14th May, the congress registration will be available at the CSF congress center (see map below) on Sunday 14 May from 2-7 pm and on Monday from 7.00-8.30 am. If possible, we ask you to register on Sunday to avoid overloading the system on Monday morning. For arrivals on the following days, the conference registration will be open from 7.30 – 08:30 am.

The main auditorium holds 120 people. Places will be taken on a first come first served basis. However, we ask those of you who are not specifically interested in certain topics to take advantage of the relaxed setting of the "Sala Balint". This room will be served by a live broadcast from the main auditorium with two-way communication available for asking questions. Unlike the main auditorium, you can come and go as you please, write emails, and also interact with representatives of the various hardware manufacturers that will be on site (personal hands-on demonstrations available).

There will be additional activities in separate conference rooms such as working group meetings etc. More information about these events will follow shortly. For events at the CSF Center, Lunch packages or homemade pizza will be served in the conference rooms to reduce the load on the main kitchen.

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